my name is tara hainsworth; i am 27 years old and i have been a hairstylist since 2008. i was born and raised in provo, utah and i have many incredible childhood memories; i am a daughter to my mother and father; a sister to two brothers and two sisters; a wife to my best friend; and a puppy mom to my 2 shitzus. my husband and i have lived in arizona for our entire marriage [since september 5th, 2009] eric is my whole world and i have been lucky enough to have found a companion who will inspire me to dream and always push me to ensure they all come true. 

hair is love of mine and education is my PASSION. i hope you guys can enjoy all of the things i have to offer from the eyes and mind of a professional hairstylist. expect TUTORIALS, TIPS AND TRICKS, MY FAVORITES, WORKSHOPS, EVENTS and more. i would love your feedback on what you would recommend as far as what tutorials or tips you would like to learn and i will make it my mission to break everything down to the basics and we will all become masters of our hair.